Hello future home owner,
We are so glad you are here!

Appgent is the leader of bridging technology and real estate. We designed a mobile platform that makes home buying easier, by bringing you technology to walk you through the traditional home buying process.

If you are a home buyer who wants to take this process in your own hands and save money, then Appgent is the right choice for you and our platform will guide you through all the steps. 

As a well-informed home buyer, we help you to schedule showings with the seller’s listing agent directly.  Through Appgent, you can contact the seller’s agent directly to arrange a showing as it works for your schedule.

Once you’ve found your dream home and are ready to submit an offer, Appgent will guide you easily through the contract development and allow you to submit your offer directly to the listing agent or home owner, saving you time, saving you money and making your home buying process easier.

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The fees reserved for a traditional full-service buyer’s agent are saved and can be split between the buyer and the seller, saving you money and making your offer more attractive to the seller. By submitting an offer to buy the home directly, both you and the seller save time and money and build a better, more efficient experience.

Appgent is constantly improving the home buying and selling experience, one game changer at a time. 

Thank you for allowing Appgent to be part of this exciting process. Your dream home is only a few clicks away. 

Your Appgent Team

The Team

The Appgent Team dedicated to constantly improving the home buying and selling experience, one game changer at a time.

Landon Grantham | Co-Founder

Landon  founded Appgent in 2019 with one clear mission: to making home buying easier. Landon has spent his career designing technology to solve problems, from the energy sector to life sciences. More recently, Landon designs portfolio management solutions for Fortune 100 organizations with EY in New York City. 

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Stefanie Zambelli | CMO

Stefanie is a passionate marketer with 10+ years of experience in brand management, leadership and business development. In her most recent role she supported the market entry and brand positioning of Fortune 500 brands in international markets. She is extremely results-oriented, customer focused and passionate for technology solutions. 

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Dan Spohn | Co-Founder

Dan was the original founding partner who helped build and launch Appgent in 2019.  Dan's experience includes organizational development and executive leadership in both real estate management and consumer retail.  He has worked for startups and global corporations with a passion for growing markets in Central Florida.

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Coming Fall 2020 to Orlando and Central Florida